Cheers to One Year!

Where Did This Year Go?

One year ago I packed up and made the move from San Francisco to New York City. What a crazy adventure this year has been, and I’m not sure if I could’ve accomplished this dream without my initial travel inspiration from studying abroad.

It had always been a dream of mine to move to New York. More specifically, it was my dream to be a Rockette.

I didn’t quite make that happen, but I hunted vigorously for a job and made something happen for myself to get my life started in the Big Apple.

Moving here was a huge leap of faith. I left behind my friends, my family, my comfortable living situation, and everything I was familiar with.

Part of me never actually thought this dream would come true. I mean, moving across the country is hard enough physically. Mentally and emotionally, this has been a challenging experience.

But, with all the challenges, trials, and triumphs, I have grown so much and learned a ton about the city and myself.

Now I shuffle heavy bags of groceries up my walk-up stairs, and I travel to work on the subway. There’s always a new bar, museum, or sight to see, so being a New Yorker is nothing short of exciting.

Thank you to Bilbao for giving me courage to see the world and pursue my dreams.

Happy one year anniversary, New York.


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