Making Your Bedroom Worldly

I love coming home to a relaxing space that embodies my interests and experiences. You’ll never catch my room without pictures of friends and family and about a thousand decorative pillows.

Everything I add to my room, if not just a functional piece, has some sort of meaning and a bohemian feeling. This is the most relaxing style for my room and it also makes me feel grounded.

Here’s how I like to style my bedroom with pieces from my travels or just wanderlust inspired accessories:

  1. World map: I hang a watercolor world map over my dresser so I see it every morning when I’m getting ready. It’s a good reminder of the places I’ve been and where I’m excited to go! Here’s the one I have.
  2. Jewelry dishes: I purchased a beautiful, hand-crafted dish when I was in Santillana del Mar where I store my most used bracelets, rings, and watches. Small dishes are an easy bedroom accessory to pick up abroad because they don’t take up much space in your luggage, and you can use them for everything. I use mine for jewelry, but these are also great for hair accessories, coins, makeup, and perfume.
  3. Pillow covers: I have a mixture of pillows made from my travel items and travel inspired pillows, and the overall mixture of these makes such a comfortable and inviting sleeping space. Pillows with compass details are so simple yet add a nice touch of a new adventure. A great way to incorporate your souvenirs into your bed set is to collect scarves or shirts and create pillow cases. It’s a fun way to add decoration to your room while also highlighting your journeys.
  4. Laundry baskets: Woven baskets that can compress down in your suitcase are great additions to the bedroom! I like to use baskets for laundry because it transforms what typically isn’t glamorous into a statement piece that serves a purpose. And, if you’re like me, there’s a lot of laundry to do after a trip!
  5. Spoon rests: A very underrated kitchen essential, spoon rests are both functional and decorative, and almost anywhere you go will have some sort of small dish or spoon rest. Even though this is more functionally a kitchen item, you can definitely use spoon rests as jewelry dishes, key rests, or even hang them on the wall as decor. I’ve found great kitchen accessories in Mexico and Italy for pretty low costs!
  6. Vases: While these are tricky to pack, they are gorgeous accessories to any room! I’ve found that more rural destinations or less touristy areas have awesome pottery, and you can find beautiful vases. Many are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind designs that will add such a unique touch to your dining table, bedroom, or kitchen alike. If you can’t find any while you are traveling, or don’t want the hassle of carefully packing vases, Etsy has some great options!

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