Invest In A Tapestry (Or Three)

Anyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession. And by slight I mean a total obsession.

I love tapestries.

I really love the way tapestries can be used at home to spice up any room, and they are also really functional pieces aside from decor. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to justify purchasing more.

In all honesty, tapestries are easy to pack for any type of adventure you’re heading on, whether it’s a trip to the beach or a mountain climbing expedition.

Because of their versatility, I like to pack one on most of my adventures. Here are ways I use mine, and how you should use yours.

Picnic Blankets

If you’re trying to amp up your Instagram presence, post a picture lounging on a tapestry in the park and you’re sure to gets a few likes. But, in all seriousness, these are so easy to fold up and throw into a tote bag or picnic basket for a fun afternoon. They add some pizazz to any grassy field or sandy beach. Extra perk, it’s easy to spot the design in a crowd so you’ll never wander around and lose your friends!

Wall Art

This is how I really became a fan of tapestries. I needed something to add color and life to my bedroom where I wasn’t able to paint the walls. This was a quick solution.

Tapestries easily fit into any room of your home because they come in such a variety of muted tones, vibrant colors and elaborate patterns. I love hanging mine in breakfast nooks and bedrooms! And might I add, they make great backdrops for photoshoots.


Similar to wall art, this is a really simple way to decorate a kitchen or dining room. Tapestries can sometimes be a bit overwhelming in small spaces or with clashing designs (though I love clashing), so just a touch of their bold patterns on a table top is enough to add something extra to a room without drowning the space.

Gift Wrap

This is a great option to reduce the waste involved in gift giving, and it becomes part of the present! Just wrap up your bundled gift in the fabric and tie it off in a knot. Easy as that!


Your closet just got a whole lot bigger! You can twist and tie tapestries into skirts, dresses, shawls, scarves, and shirts in so many fun ways. It’s really fun experimenting with your fabric to get the right look and create something totally unique!

Where To Buy Your Tapestry

Now that you’re hooked, where should you buy said tapestries? So many countries around the world have some sort of cultural tapestries. They are like the rice dish of fabric!

Patterns and colors will vary based on where you’re purchasing your tapestry. For example, you’ll find more muted tones and landscapes on Italian tapestries. I personally love mandala tapestries and very tribal designs, but you can find them basically anywhere you go.

If you don’t have the luxury of traveling to make your purchase, Amazon and Etsy have great alternatives!

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