My Favorite Travel Apps

Sometimes traveling can bring about a lot of difficulties, especially when you are wandering through unknown streets and buildings.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s part of why I love traveling. The excitement of exploring a new city is thrilling, but sometimes there’s a pub or museum you just have to find or you want to buy a new purse, but you’re not sure if it’s a good deal.

These are the apps I depend on in my dire (and I use this word very dramatically) travel challenges.

  1. Duolingo: Great way to practice/maintain your learned language(s). The app is really easy to use, and it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of learning lessons and fluency levels. Push notifications make daily practice convenient, and lessons are usually about 2-5 minutes each.
  2. TripAdvisor City Guides: Traveling honestly cannot get any easier with this app! You can do everything from plan an itinerary to search local restaurants. My favorite part of this app is it’s navigation tool. You can literally have the app direct and walk you to your desired destination, and it doesn’t use wifi! This was so helpful in Prague where the streets are unmarked and winding in every direction.
  3. Google Maps: This one is pretty obvious. Figure out train schedules, walking distances, etc. in one place. If you’ll be in one location for a while, it’s really helpful to save a Google Map to your phone that you can access offline. (Here’s how)
  4. Viber: Your preferred communication app definitely depends on where you are. WhatsApp is highly popular in Europe, for example, but it all depends on what your usage needs are. I like Viber because you can also make phone calls over wifi along with texting capabilities. That made it really easy to call home when I was abroad and also call my peers to coordinate plans.
  5. Skyscanner: Skyscanner makes it really easy to find affordable flights to top travel destinations. It’ll compare flights against one another based on your trip date, number of travelers, and destination. Best way to travel on a budget!
  6. XE Currency: Sometimes you want to splurge on a new Italian purse or a silver necklace in Taxco but it’s hard to tell if you’re paying a fair price. This app easily sorts your preferred currency list and compares exchange rates in real time.

Honorable mention (and my preferred site) – Adioso: Adioso simply didn’t make the list because they don’t have a mobile device app, but it is by far my favorite flight scanner for finding affordable flights. It’s so easy to use and it’s built for people with flexible travel plans. For instance you can select monthly timeframes for travel or even be adventurous and randomize your destinations!


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