Traveling With Liquid-Free Toiletries

Yes, you read that right.

I always hated pulling my clear, plastic bag out of my neatly packed carry on for security as people waited, toes tapping, to get through the line. Even worse, it happens all too often that upon arrival, my shampoo exploded on the plane or my moisturizer won’t stop spewing.

Traveling with liquids in your luggage is a headache no matter if you’re using carry on luggage or checking a bag.

I’ve gradually adopted new products to alleviate problems with liquids and finally I found a way to pack completely liquid-free for carry on bags!

There are plenty of liquid-free products but they don’t all live up to their hype, so it’s been a long journey to find the best of the best. Of course, this is all based on personal preference, but these have been so wildly successful, I think anyone would love them.

LUSH Toothy Tabs

Other natural toothpastes I’ve found were chalky, but these tabs keep my teeth feeling cleaner and looking brighter throughout the day better than other regular toothpastes. One brush equals one tab so it’s easy to portion for different trip durations!

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo

If you’re going on a short trip, you can definitely pull off just using this rather than additionally bringing shampoo. And on lengthy trips, this leaves hair feeling clean and fresh when you’d rather be on the go than in the shower. The grapefruit in this pulls oil from your scalp and leaves your hair smelling so yummy! It’s a powder product so you won’t have trouble in high elevations, and it seriously lasts forever. I’ve had my bottle for years and still have so much left.

LUSH Shampoo Bars

These bars are seriously awesome! I love them so much that I use them daily, not just for traveling. I use the scent Montalbano because my hair can get oily pretty easily and the lavender and lemon ingredients cut oil and keep my hair soft. Seanik is great if you have dry hair!

LUSH Conditioner Bars

To complement your shampoo, grab a conditioner bar at LUSH too! Just like a normal bar of soap, rub this in your hands or all over your hair then rinse. Since you generally don’t use much conditioner at a time, you can cut off chunks of this for trips to pack even lighter. I like the way Sugar Daddy-O complements my shampoo bar scent.

Tarte Cosmetics Frxxxtion Stick 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

This face wash is absolutely perfect for traveling! It comes in a stick, almost like a big lip balm container that twists up the charcoal infused soap. It exfoliates and cleanses your skin to perfection. My face feels super clean after using this and the tiny exfoliants really buff out black heads and oil. Easy clean up and it stays clean and compact in your suitcase.

COOLA Body Lotion Bar

The orange patchouli bar has a bright scent and it’s seriously moisturizing. They come in tins so it’s really easy to throw in your purse for daily accessibility or your suitcase. No need to wrap this up extra to protect your clothing from spills or explosions, either. COOLA’s line of sunscreen is another good product that can come in solid sticks if you’re heading to a sunny spot!

Dove White Beauty Bar

I like bringing this soap on trips because I feel comfortable using it as a body wash and a face wash. It has a nice light scent and leaves my skin feeling clean rather than slick and tight like other soap bars.

Brands To Follow

As you can probably tell, I love LUSH. They are a huge part of my everyday routine along with my travel routines, and I feel comfortable recommending these products to friends because they are all natural and cruelty free. They have other fun luxury items that are perfect for travel like lip scrubs and skin exfoliating bars.

Tarte Cosmetics is also a fantastic brand, and aside from their exfoliating stick, I use their moisturizer and various makeup products daily! Vegan and cruelty free so it’s an amazing brand to follow.

If you’re having a hard time finding liquid-free products that work for you, I highly recommend stopping by a local LUSH and/or Sephora store and getting some free samples!


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