3/17/17 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US

A Weekend Beach Escape in South Carolina

This past weekend I traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the weekend with one of my roommates. It was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC, and it proved to be a fun beach town totally unlike what I was expecting.

To start off, how did we choose Myrtle Beach? I was browsing cheap flights and came across awesome deals on Expedia, so shout out to them for this trip! Flights and two nights at the hotel were totally reasonable in this bundle so we booked it up.

Shortly, we realized this would be many college students’ spring break, but we persisted because we’re still young at heart and can blend with some youngsters.

The flight was a quick hour and a half, so we got there in perfect timing after work on Friday night. We spent that night at an area called Broadway at the Beach, which is basically a mid-twenty-year-old’s oasis at night complete with a Señor  Frogs, Fat Tuesday, and dance clubs. While some of these are quite touristy, they are ideal for cheap drinks and a fun environment. There are also reasonably priced nightclubs in the area for dancing, which were an absolute blast!

No time for bad wine 🍷🥂 #springweekend

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The next day was spent wine tasting and eating, so no complaints there! We visited Duplin Winery and a wine bar just down the street called Coastal Wine Boutique.

I am not a huge fan of sweet wines, which are Duplin’s specialty, however these were quite tasty and the deal was amazing! $10 for 10 tastings (including a yummy frozen wine blend), crackers and homemade cheese (the pineapple habanero was yummy!), a free wine glass, and a free full refill in your glass after the tasting! It’s definitely worth it to try the unique wines, and you even get a party favor!

Up next was Coastal Wine Boutique, situated in a small shopping center with fun shops to browse around after your tasting. A tasting of 6 wines plus a full glass of your wine of choice is just about $16. This tasting room offers wines from around the world, so you’re sure to find something you like.  You have the opportunity to select or have the bartender (who was very knowledgable) customize your selection for the tasting, so it’s build-able to your palette.

After a fun day of wine tasting and boutique hopping, we had dinner and went to Pirate’s Cove for live music and drinks. It’s a very chill environment and seems to be a local hotspot on Saturday nights.

Since we had to trek back to New York on Sunday, we spent the day grabbing breakfast and enjoying the beach.

It was a quick but very fun trip for us both! If you’re planning on visiting, here’s some of my tips:

  • Uber is cheaper than Lyft, but be careful of surge pricing around 2 a.m. from Broadway by the Beach. Cars line up in one location for pickup at this time and can get pretty pricey.
  • Stay at a hotel in North Myrtle Beach if it’s within your budget. That’s where most of the action is!
  • Around Memorial Day, the pier and amusement rides are open to the public so that’s a great time to go!

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