Travel App Review: inspirock

As I was gearing up for my trip to Washington, D.C. I was getting museum and restaurant recommendations from friends and family, and I was trying to find a way to compile all of these notes.

I’m never a huge planner when it comes to traveling. I like arriving somewhere new, just knowing how to get to and from where I’m staying, then figure out the rest as I go. That’s usually been an awesome way to just soak up the culture in the moment, but it can waste some time while actually on my trip.

That’s why this time around I decided to try out a travel itinerary planner. After a quick Google search, I stumbled upon inspirock.

Being a novice trip planner, playing around on the site to begin with was helpful to understand how it works, but also to understand where you even begin in building an itinerary.

I love sites that allow you to browse destinations based on your ideal travel timeframe or interests, so my only complaint in the preliminary stages of planning is that you have to have a concrete destination and timeframe. Of course the timeframe can move around, but it’s sometimes fun to browse various locations given your traveling period. Luckily, that’s remedied by the Trending Destinations section on the site.

Once you select a destination and timeframe for your trip, inspirock breaks down a few variables for you, which I’ve detailed below:


This is super helpful if you’re planning on visiting multiple cities or destinations on your trip. It’s not totally necessary for every vacation, but it’s nice to know if you’d like to add destinations, you can plan out the order of locations and time periods in each.

Day by Day

This feature was by far my favorite part of the site! You can select various hotspots, restaurants, monuments, etc. in the area (they even provide a list of options for you) and you can plan out where you’ll go and at what time each day. inspirock will give you a suggested itinerary for each day, but it’s really simple to add or delete attractions from your day.

loved that you could see travel distances from attraction to attraction. This was really helpful for D.C. since it’s a lot of walking. I was able to plan out each day based on what attractions were close to each other.

You can view this by list, calendar or map!

Where to Stay

inspirock syncs with TripAdvisor to find hotel deals in the area where you’ll be traveling. On this trip, I had that figured out beforehand, but it was nice to quickly pull up TripAdvisor and browse options. Usually, I prefer Expedia for hotel deals, but these seemed to be pretty similar!

How to Travel

Fortunately I already had my mode of transportation for this excursion as well, but it’s super simple to find flights while building your itinerary. inspirock syncs with Skyscanner (a personal favorite) to find the best available flights. My only request here would be some kind of sync with Rome2Rio. For example, I took the train for this trip because it was less expensive and a decent length trip. If you’re going somewhere where flights are the only way to travel, this is great, but for shorter distances, it’d be nice to see other travel options.


You have the ability to share or print your itinerary, so if your friends are on the site it’s awesome for collaboration! If not, you can still email trip plans or share on social media. I wish there were an app so once you arrive you can track your days and plans, but I could still pull up the site on my phone quickly.

Overall thoughts

Since using inspirock for D.C. I’ve started using it more and more to browse itineraries and destinations. While I still don’t totally stick to a strict itinerary, it was so easy and convenient (though I wish there were an app) to build and use for traveling that I’ll definitely continue to use in the future.


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  1. Completely agree!
    I love their concept, and also looking forward to the app


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