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Travel App Review: Travefy

Now we all know I’m not the biggest planner when it comes to my trips, but recently when I started planning light itineraries, I loved using inspirock.  It’s a great app for travel inspiration and understanding your new surroundings.

The other day I was planning itineraries for an upcoming work conference so, naturally, I jumped straight to my handy-dandy inspirock account. However, this scenario presented a bit of a challenge.

Building a customized itinerary of tourist sites and fun activities is great through inspirock. But in this instance, our business trip was essentially planned out and I just needed to communicate travel details and schedules to everyone.

So, the hunt began for a new itinerary builder that also allowed for custom activities and schedule building. That’s how I stumbled on Travefy, and I have to say, I think I’m in love.


Travefy is built primarily for business  and group travelers. For that reason, there are a lot of cool features built to manage the trip collaborators, expenses, schedules and important travel documents. While you might not need this for personal travel, it’s nice to have everything in one place.

It’s a very flexible app, allowing for multiple destinations and multiple travel and lodging options, so it’s great for groups!

Navigating Your Itinerary

After initially creating an itinerary, you’ll be brought to a blank trip schedule. From here you can add days, locations and travel information, but at an even higher level your sidebar will bring you to your trip collaborators (who can add to the itinerary or just view it), “discover” new places (essentially browse the hot spots of where you’re going) and view the trip expenses (plus add where money is owed and by whom).

Building Your Trip

Creating your itinerary really consists of adding events and travel information. Events can range anywhere from flights and accommodations to general trip information and activities. Events are the backbone of your trip through Travefy.

To add travel events, you’ll already need your travel booked. You’re basically entering your travel details – like airline, confirmation numbers, flight numbers, time of departure – so you can view how that coordinates with lodging check-ins, activities and other collaborators’ schedules.

Once all of the logistics and travel details are entered in your itinerary, it’s really easy to switch over to the “Discover” tab and start adding fun events. You can filter these by popularity, rating and price, plus you can distinctly view food and drink, activities and hotel options. I love that you can either save ideas (save without scheduling date/time) or add activities (pinpoint a day/time) to your itinerary and view everything on a map.

Sharing Itinerary Details

Sharing your itinerary is so easy! First, you can add collaborators who can actually login and help build the itinerary. Secondly, you can send viewing links that are accessible to everyone on their phones (and it looks great on mobile) or on PDFs. You can also migrate the entire itinerary to everyone’s calendars, and if you’re someone who lives off your online calendar, this is so helpful!

Discussion and Ideas

To the right of your travel plans, you can view a discussion board and polling area. This is great for everyone involved in your trip to throw out ideas, ask questions, add details and take polls (helpful for picking dining options!). It’s nice having this right next to your plans so nothing is overlooked.

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely love this site for trips where I have defined plans and a lot of schedules to manage. It’s nice to see everyone’s information in one place, and it’s so awesome that this is available on mobile devices. That way, as the trip is in motion, no one is out of the loop.

As mentioned before, this is built for business and group travel, and that’s quite apparent when you log in, but I think it equally has value for group travel and even just people who like to stay very organized. 10/10 I’d use this again!



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