Hostel Review: Hostel One Basilica

My first solo trip brought me to Budapest, Hungary, and I’m so happy about my experience there!

Initially, it was challenging for me to choose a hostel from all the options in Budapest. There are so many, and each have such different offerings. Plus, when I was in the midst of choosing a hostel, I had yet to plan out my days or do much research on the city.

I did a quick search to find the best areas in the city to stay in. Finally, I settled on the Erzsébetváros area and started to narrow down my options.

Finally, I decided on Hostel One Basilica for it’s family style atmosphere and location. It was the perfect blend of calm and rowdy that I loved during my solo journey!


The location of this hostel is so ideal for navigating around the city. It is located on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, which is a major street that runs through the city, so it’s very lively and has lots of restaurants, convenience stores, banks and public transportation nearby.

From outside appearances, it doesn’t look like much. It’s just a wooden door with a small flag indicating the hostel, so you may easily pass it by when you first arrive. It was nice being centrally located and discreet in the middle of town so as not to draw too much tourist attention.

If I ever needed to navigate back home, it was so easy because it’s right across from  the Budapest Art Eye ferris wheel.

You cannot beat the location of this hostel!


This hostel offers lots of room options, so price can significantly vary. There are private rooms and rooms holding up to fourteen people, so it’s all based on your preferences.

I opted for a six bed mixed dorm because I wanted a certain level of privacy and quiet with the option to still be social. My stay averaged out to about $24 per night, which is a reasonable price for all the amenities and location.


I was very pleased with the balance of activities at Hostel One Basilica. Their description on Hostelworld was pretty spot on in describing the party atmosphere blended with the cultural sight-seeing and family dinners.

Each day, the staff leads day trips to famous locations around the city. It’s a nice way to meet people at the hostel and experience lots of hot spots and tourist attractions.

In the evening, the staff prepares a free dinner for guests and leads drinking games and bar crawls for those who want to participate. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at night, especially, because it was a good time to get to know new people and mingle. And, if you don’t feel like joining the bar crawls, there is wifi and Netflix available in the lounge to have a relaxing night!



Hostel One Basilica provides a lot for guests in terms of physical items and sociability.

Each room has storage lockers for luggage or personal items that comfortably fit a carry on size bag. Plus, each bed has an outlet and reading lamp.

The front desk and lounge have towels, hair dryers, maps, blankets and books available if you forgot to pack an item or want some entertainment. It isn’t the most stocked hostel I’ve been to, but they have enough of the basics to get by. People are also very willing to lend out what you might need otherwise.

There’s a public kitchen for guests, so if you’d prefer to cook your own meals, that is absolutely an option. The kitchen becomes a social room in the evenings when the staff serves dinner, and it’s a good place to hang out if you don’t want to join the drinking games.

Breakfast is not included, but the front desk usually has some brownies or a pastry sitting out in the morning for everyone to grab.


  • Great location
  • Near lots of public transportation
  • Inexpensive and spacious rooms with storage
  • Prepared, free dinners nightly
  • Games and activities for night and day
  • Public kitchen
  • Nice view of the Budapest Art Eye ferris wheel
  • Electronic badge access to the building doors, front door and rooms
  • Luggage storage
  • Super friendly, outgoing staff
  • Safe


  • Uncomfortable beds
  • Outdated rooms
  • Not a plethora of amenities or necessities, but enough to get by
  • Odd entrance and trek up to the hostel front door
  • In the winter, the kitchen and lounge were pretty cold

Overall thoughts

This hostel is great for solo and group travelers, alike. The staff was so friendly and helpful, plus the amenities were absolutely perfect. Plus, they are a chain of hostels across a bunch of fun cities, so if you enjoy your time here, you can rely on a good time at their other locations!


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  1. An Outcast Wayfarer says:

    I absolutely loved this post, I’m going through East-Europe next year autumn and Budapest has been on my mind as well! I remember my first solo trip! let’s connect!


    1. Thank you so much! That’s going to be an amazing trip! Definitely check out Budapest. There is so much to see and do, and the culture is so fun!


      1. An Outcast Wayfarer says:

        You’re welcome! We should connect and support each other!


      2. Absolutely! You can catch me on Instagram and Twitter both @anzawose!


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